Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review

Review of Sue Wang's memoir, Messages from the Black Recliner: A Memoir of Healing Body and Spirit

 Sue WangThere are memoirs, and then there are memoirs. Sue’s honest and reflective memoir keeps true to her message of persistence via love and intelligence. In learning to adapt and unlearn truisms taken for granted, Sue worked hard to break free of constructs that created more trouble than they were worth. With so many challenges in life, it is all the more meaningful that she was so openly raw about some of the most difficult periods in her life. She shares several near-cascading, life-altering moments that can arise in anyone’s life – it is to everyone’s benefit to learn from her experiences. 

Her musings and perspective is as entertaining as it is humorous - her husband, friends, and family are gems of support and consistency. What is most admirable about Sue, is her not recognizing how great she really is, while at the same time, always recognizing how lucky she is to have such devoted and loving people by her side. 

Sue Wang's memoir is an intense and moving journey of healing and growing one's true spirit.

- Adrian Mendoza, author of The Kaleidoscope Series