Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Update: New Book Cover!

I've finally started updating my novel's book cover! Here is a sneak-peek:


The decision to make the change was not easy and it took much effort to complete. There were several components that had to be met and a certain consensus of what would work best. It was an incredible achievement for us all to complete the models, fonts, backgrounds, photography, prints, and art direction. I want to thank everyone that helped with the book cover's creation and for their thoughtful input. The final product is exactly what I wanted and then some. We hope our readers like it too.   

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Kyoto Experience

There's nothing like traveling, especially to what feels like another world. The serenity of Japan's old capital, Kyoto offered us so much. I spent quality time gallivanting about and discovering new things with friends and family. On the way to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, I was honored in handing my novel to an actual "humanoid robot'' named Pepper!

"May I have a copy?" - "Yes!"

There was never a dull moment. I had so many enriching experiences. I tried to capture as much as I could. Here's a photo outside a Buddhist temple along Nishiki Market!

Taking a break at Nishiki Market

Eventually we made our way out beyond the central location of the city and visited Osaka when time allowed. Kyoto, Osaka, and their countrysides are truly a writer's dream. Beyond Gion, the famous geisha district, were some beautifully adorned temples and shrines. (*see prayer board below)

Peaceful dreamlike locations.