Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dolores Avila - Poet and Writer

Over the last few weeks a parceling of goals into ever more subdivisions began taking hold. 

 .This is a good thing. In the process of simplifying the worlds of influence, my appreciation for poetry re-surfaced. Paolo Freire's discussion with Myles Horton later reinforced my line of thinking on the matter but I'll save that for another post. Thankfully, I had kept note of some genial personalities in my mental network and was fortunate enough to reach out to them and actually have them reply. 

Currently, I have some favorites that fall in my go-to-box of meditations. It's a wonderful method for centering and finding peace of mind. One of these poets, a gifted and talented spirit, an artist and writer Dolores Avila, was generous enough to place some of her poetry on a website at Blue Thought. Click on the image to visit.

My favorites on there are Sovereign Woman and City People.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Upcoming Special Screening

There are people who dream about fulfilling certain goals and then there are people who work their dreams and accomplish their goals. An old friend and blood-brother of mine, David Fernandez Jr. -from many years ago now, set out to become an actor and fell further in love with the art of storytelling. His journey is currently one of directing to produce art and producing to support creativity. He teamed up with like-minded individuals and together they brought to fruition a family orientated film: A Father's Journey.

The film's story line from it's IMDb page:

A Father's Journey explores the complicated relationship between a father and his son. A tragic accident sends the father on an unplanned journey in search of faith and healing.

EYL Pictures is presenting a Red Carpet Special Screening of A Father's Journey this coming September 19th in San Diego, the director's own home town. Please come out and support the film, it's message, and the hard working cast who together with the star and director David Fernandez, will participate in a Q&A forum after the film! The more the merrier - the film is family orientated and was created with the message of love as a core theme. Purchased tickets online will be discounted as stated on the flier posted. If possible, please share the flier onto your Facebook pages to get the word out, especially to friends who will be in San Diego on Sat., September 19th 2015.