Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dolores Avila - Poet and Writer

Over the last few weeks a parceling of goals into ever more subdivisions began taking hold. 

 .This is a good thing. In the process of simplifying the worlds of influence, my appreciation for poetry re-surfaced. Paolo Freire's discussion with Myles Horton later reinforced my line of thinking on the matter but I'll save that for another post. Thankfully, I had kept note of some genial personalities in my mental network and was fortunate enough to reach out to them and actually have them reply. 

Currently, I have some favorites that fall in my go-to-box of meditations. It's a wonderful method for centering and finding peace of mind. One of these poets, a gifted and talented spirit, an artist and writer Dolores Avila, was generous enough to place some of her poetry on a website at Blue Thought. Click on the image to visit.

My favorites on there are Sovereign Woman and City People.  

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