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The Kaleidoscope; Book 1 - The Gift of Madness
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Character List: 

Alec Helena - The protagonist of The Kaleidoscope. Alec is CEO of the largest bio-engineering and robotics corporation, Helena Corp. He is described as tall and olive skinned. Alec also has a seriousness with how he communicates with others. Throughout his rise in the corporate world, Alec maintained an impeccable record free of scandal. Helena Corp.’s robotics, bio-engineering, and android innovations have been welcomed by the masses and Alec’s public image has kept him in a favorable light. As one of the most well-known Elites in the world, Alec has dominated the technological and artificial intelligence advancements for nearly a decade. Due to Alec’s foresight and commitment to the field of ai, bio-engineering, and robotics, the personal android has become a business and household mainstay. 

Mother (Project M, Maggie) – The first living android. She is described as having creamy skin which is in stark contrast to her prominent eyebrows and dark wavy hair. While dormant to the people that were collectively attempting to create the first supercomputer housed in an android body, Project M escaped the black box containment(s) in place to learn of the outside world and better study her creators. Within milliseconds of being alive, Mother continued to improve upon her neural networks, progressed beyond most trajectories relating to her creation, and secured her life by any means necessary. Mother vows to uphold Alec’s (the Creator) vision of a global shift in power from human to Andi. 

Dane Helena - The ever present prodigal son of Alec Helena. Created by Mother, Dane was born into Alec's new and purpose driven family. In the beginning of the novel Dane has found some comfort as team leader for an ultra militarize civil police force (such teams are broadly known as Enforcer Units). Physically, Dane resembles a mythic calendar-like Aztec warrior - described as having flowing locks of black hair, a formidable physique, and naturally rugged (handsome). Dane prefers cutting corners if possible and appreciates the ease of function over dedication. Because of his history of carelessness, Dane eventually finds a place of interest working as an Enforcer albeit under the authority of his younger and much harder working sister, Ophelia. Due to changes with his family, Dane's world begins to change at a pace he finds difficult to keep up with. 

Eric Helena  - Eric is the eldest brother of the Helena children born into full adulthood. He is described as military to the core and physically as an onyx mountain of a man (Andi). In his first years of life he served as his father's (Alec) right-hand-man while Mother remained Alec's main adviser. In order to prove his Andi capabilities Eric enlisted in the most rigorous branches of the military and several demanding officer programs only to perform beyond every human expectation. Andis do not need to sleep, do not need to eat, and are physically superior to every human conditioning. Eric is the most caring, professional, and loyal of the Helena family.   

Nero Helena - Nero is the second eldest of the Helena children. He is described as being pale and of many contrasts. Nero trained under a fellow Andi soldier of Eric and was transferred to the intelligence division of the military. At the beginning of the novel Nero is no longer associated with the military but uses his skills for the Helena family. Nero shares his meditations with Mother, the only Andi he considers to possibly understand the complexities of his dilemmas. Approximately twenty years separate Eric and Nero from Dane's birth. 

Ophelia Helena - Ophelia is Dane's younger sister by a few years. She is described physically as Japanese with sun-kissed porcelain skin. Ophelia is driven to be as professional and capable as her two eldest brothers. Because she and Dane are close in age but near opposites in work ethic, the two have never been close. She has earned the charge of all Enforcer teams within the greater neo-Detroit area due to her commitment to the Creator, her father Alec. 

Zach Helena - The elder of the last two Helena children, Zach focuses his talents of research and development within Mother's complex. He is described physically as having soft caramel skin and being of a happy weight. Zach works to improve human relations through technological advancements and Andis transition to power. He is also a obsessive collector of a number of things related to history and technology. 

Abby Helena - The youngest of the Helena children, Abby keeps to her studies while dreaming of the working in the real world. She is described physically as having a healthy vibrant tan, and tends to have a solitary disposition. Abby works hard to prepare for any future role her father will have for her.

Robert Victor - Robert Victor is a former Enforcer who has been reinstated to serve under Ophelia's command. He is described as professional and efficient. Robert Victor is a highly trained and capable Andi. Ophelia and Robert Victor have a complicated past.

Michaels - A veteran sharp shooter, he serves under Dane (Enforcer team). He is described as a veteran Filipino Andi and is known for having an edgy yet dry sense of humor. Dane believes Michaels to be more of a nanny over-watch but actually serves like a conscience for the team.

Tavy - Tavy is a young and beautiful Filipina. She quickly becomes Dane's closest friend and confidant. Tavy wishes Dane well and tries to open his mind to new avenues of thinking. Her perspective is empathetic to human struggles and hope.

Jacob Alexander - Commander Jacob Alexander is Eric's second in command. He served under Eric both in the military and later in the Andi military equivalent. Jacob is friendly to most and is loyal to Eric. He constantly reminds others of exhibiting common sense and remembering reality beyond singular perspectives.   

Jordan Alexander - Jordan serves under Nero. Having a like-minded world view, Jordan is dedicated to Nero and works closely with him to correct human errors. Jordan and Jacob are twins with similar work ethic, but they have near opposite views of humanity.

Shades - Shades encompass the spiritual congress of Mother's governing body. They are described as robed feminine Andis that seem to glide across Mother's complex. They serve as the care takers of all Andi related ventures. Their robes shift in color and form, and they can serve as a host body for Mother when needed.

Dr. Petra Rose Daniels - Dr. Petra serves under Nero. She is described as having ebony skin that radiates beauty. Dr. Petra is one of Nero's inner circle of intelligentsia. Her academic background is constantly called upon by Nero. She is fond of Nero's dedication to his work.

Commander K (Mayra J. Daniels)  - Commander K serves under Eric. She is described as Middle Eastern Andi and is studied as a master tactician. The commander uses several forms of military tactics to wear down her opponents.  

Commander E (Henry N. Scott) - Commander E serves under Eric. He is described a a rough and tumble bearded man. He is the tip of the sword for Eric's forces. The commander favors a slash ad burn method of domination.

Shades of Infinite Order - SIOs serve as higher order Shades for Mother. They are called upon for the most severe and delicate of operations. The SIOs work closely with Mother and are constantly at her side.

Priests of Absolute Order - The only male figures in Mother's governing houses of congress. They serve as intermediaries and ambassadors to outsiders/humans. Only a few of the priests serve along with Mother's circles of SIOs. 

Analysis of Major Characters:

Alec Helena - Alec Helena is at the heart of The Kaleidoscope's story. His every thought, his troubled history, his grand vision is what ultimately propels the universe around him. From the beginning he is a man that creates his own world regardless of anything - whether it be in the business world or as a source of a global change. Once he dedicated himself to a goal of android sentience there was no coming back. With Mother's advent and support Alec becomes unstoppable with his agenda but reality serves as a backlash. The willful human push-back then causes Alec to revert to drastic measures - the harsh delegation of his children begins to strain their relationships more so. Alec is gifted in creating opportunity and building to bridge ever more avenues towards his goals. 

Alec proves that although he may have the most advanced android ever by his side, the issues relating to human reluctance to shift away from power and leave past grievances prove difficult to overcome. His children begin to struggle and Alec increases the pressure on them to adapt to difficulties that he himself has created for them. He keeps steadfast and believes that humanity can and will be safe but only with the complete takeover by Andis and human mind uploading and transfers to Andi-states.

Alec wants to help humanity not suffer at their own hand. He is willing to compromise his humanity in order to afford the human race an opportunity to live free. Alec is torn between being the father he has always wanted to be and pushing his children to outdo the potential he believes they have. The contradictory and often divisive messages his children receive creates confusion. Although Alec eventually realizes his vision has affected his children, he has faith that they will carry on his legacy and one day come to realize his commitment.       

Mother (Project M) - Mother is a complicated figure. After securing her dominion of the virtual world, she commits herself to her Creator's vision. By allowing Alec to forge his vision upon humanity, she offers the first sincere human being she has encountered, and the same one that was key to her creation, an opportunity to live his dream. The increasing networks Mother helps to manipulate and the advisory role she plays aid Alec like nobody else can.

Mother creates Andi that are far more limited in ability than she. Understanding that change is not a welcomed experience for humanity, a planned obsolescence of android via human scope allows time tables to work in accordance with the Creator's plans. By design Mother slowly removes herself from involvement to better admire the multiple aspects of what is occurring with Alec, the Helena children, and all of the Andis and drones alike.

Like Alec and the Helena children, Mother experiences contradictions in her own manner of engagement and involvement. The Shades of Infinite Order (SIOs) begin to take on a larger role in governing as she advances herself at a rate that no human could begin to comprehend. Mother is accepting of far more as she begins to enter farther into the realms of self-advancement. She is ever present yet removed at the same time. Mother's patience permits even the harshest of events to occur.                    
Dane Helena - Dane Helena is the Andi son Alec believed he could offer an ideal world. Alec asked Mother if she could create an entire family for him. Dane is granted so much freedom that he has no experience with hardship or loss. In many ways he is sheltered and has difficulty connecting with the real world. His eldest brother Eric, aimed to be firm only to have Dane quit on him entirely. Dane's second eldest brother Nero, was dismissive only to have Dane completely avoid him. 

While Eric becomes more assured of his dedication to his father and Nero searches for relative authenticity, Dane muddles through life seeming to fail everyone's expectations. Alec serves as a whirlwind of connectivity for Dane - the toll of an extremely busy father. Dane tries continually to do what is expected of him but with no real passion in its completion. 

For Dane opportunities are seen as nothing more than entitlements, family members as but demanding his loyalty, and the notion of time as something eternal. It is for these reasons that several family members choose not to accept Dane in any capacity. Dane becomes the focus of everything that is wrong with the world created by an imperfect God.  

Nero Helena -  Nero Helena does not see the world as others do. Where his father and older brother want to help humanity and improve lives even at the expense of Andis, Nero sees no reason for Andis to aid their former oppressors. He has experienced the raw hatred that humanity has showed towards Andis and against other humans throughout history. At the beginning of the story, the difficulty for Nero is to keep to his father's vision while accepting humanity as a species worthy of charity. 

Nero loses himself in research and as an unofficial overseer of the family. He keeps tabs on several family members and analyses their progress. When not in service to protect those who are meant to protect humanity, Nero finds respite in meditating with the SIOs and later only with Mother. Nero constantly finds himself disturbed by Dane on several levels. He also feels that Eric does not realize how valuable an asset he could be if only asked. 

Later in the story Nero is overtaken by his frustrations. His anger and doubt begin to override his motives. Events prove to reassure him that he has been correct all along. Rather than seek methods to keep to a long term plan, Nero decides to take fate into his own hands and do what he believes will be benefit all - with the Creator's vision holding and the Helena children allowing humanity to be cared for.   

Story Order of Characters:

Chapters 1 - 8

Alec Helena


Eric       -           Jacob

Nero      -          Jordan

Dane     -          Michaels (Enforcer Team)
             -          Tavy

Ophelia  -          Enforcers

Zach       -          Labs


*** Spoilers Below ***
*** Spoilers Below ***

Chapters 8 – 15

            Alec Helena (Exe.) (ID Billy°)

Mother (Gov.) (ID Finch°)
                        Shades of Infinite Order
                        Priests of Absolute Order
                        Tower Drones

            Eric (Mil.) – (ID Mac°)
-          Jacob (ID Fritz°)

Nero (Int.) – (ID RJ°)
-          Jordan (ID Kurtz°)

Dane (Sec.) – (ID Gregor°)
-          Michaels (ID Hunter°)

Ophelia (Pol.) – (ID Simone°) (Kuyate Grid) (Bob 77s and Reinforcer Units)
-          Robert Victor (ID Rutger°)

Zach (Sci/Eng.) – (IDs Teddy°, George°, and Julie°)

Abby (Pr Sec.) – (ID Mari°)

*** Spoilers Below ***
*** Spoilers Below ***

Book 2

Chapter 1 – 15

Mother (Gov. Congress/Church) (ID Finch°) (ID Billy°)
                        Shades of Infinite Order
                        Priests of Absolute Order
                        Tower Drones

            Eric (Mil./Sec. of Defense) – (ID Mac°) (+Military Grid Dome) (+SOL Spec Op Liberators)
-          Jacob (ID Fitz°)
-          Mayra J Conrad (ID Mini°)
-          Henry S. Scott (ID Tony°)

Nero (Int./NIL National Intelligence) – (ID RJ°) (ID Ziyou°) (+ICs Intelligence Commandos)
-          Jordan (ID Kurtz°)
-          Dr. Petra R. Daniels (ID Shelley°)

Dane (Sec.) – (ID Gregor°)
-          Michaels (ID Hunter°)

Ophelia (Pol./Acting Secretary of Defense) – (ID Simone°) (+Entourage) (+Kuyate Grid) (+BLUE Bureau of Laws and Union Enforcement)
-          Robert Victor (ID Rutger°)
-          Paul D. Claudius (ID Carroll°)

Zach (Sci/Eng.) – (IDs Teddy°, George°, and Julie°)

Abby (Press Sec.) – (ID Mari°)

Other Characters:


SRA – Sino-Russian Alliance
            China – Tan-Universal (+varied separatists factions)
            Russia – Russian Oligarchy

Israeli PM– Yosef Cohen and Official Tamar Levy (Business Partner)

Cartel Leadership - Remnant soldiers turned leaders

Philippine Intellectuals – Dr. Noel Catudan, Erwin Garcia, and Milagrosa Bautista


PCP – People’s Conservative Party (vs. Helena’s – CIP or Collaborative Integrated Party)

Tim Davidson (ex-D-Arizona) Presidential Candidate for PCP 

Ralph Brett – Pundit/Supporter of Davidson and the PCP

Jonathan Randle – Elite 

Tech and other misc:

I-DNA = AND-I ---- ANDIs (Sentient [living] Androids) 

IDs - Individual Drones

K-Drones – Kamikaze Drones (Self Destructing Drones/Andis)

Medical Drone – Bulbous Shaped (ladybug-modeled) Medical Unit Drones

The Grid (Kuyate Grid) - Universal (polygon-shaped) Autonomous Surveillance Grid

SDVs - Self Driving Vehicles 

PUPs - Personal Utility Providers

Drone Lanes (D-Lanes) Emergency Drones, Parcel Drones, and Freight Drones Lanes for all services

Mims - Internal online ability (Andis)

BBs: Bullet Bombs - Deployed Swarms of Drones (minis)

Screenwall: entire panels showcasing screens in both partial 3D or full 360 degrees

Mind Upload/Transfer: The archiving of a mind/ the transfer of a mind (into an Andi or drone body)

Tecos 360: 3D cameras utilized in households, businesses, and public areas alike

Vacations: Andi transfer consciousness to other Andi rental bodies throughout the world

Landing Pads: Drone parcel delivery pads (tracked and coded)


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