Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Kyoto Experience

There's nothing like traveling, especially to what feels like another world. The serenity of Japan's old capital, Kyoto offered us so much. I spent quality time gallivanting about and discovering new things with friends and family. On the way to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, I was honored in handing my novel to an actual "humanoid robot'' named Pepper!

"May I have a copy?" - "Yes!"

There was never a dull moment. I had so many enriching experiences. I tried to capture as much as I could. Here's a photo outside a Buddhist temple along Nishiki Market!

Taking a break at Nishiki Market

Eventually we made our way out beyond the central location of the city and visited Osaka when time allowed. Kyoto, Osaka, and their countrysides are truly a writer's dream. Beyond Gion, the famous geisha district, were some beautifully adorned temples and shrines. (*see prayer board below)

Peaceful dreamlike locations.

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